AOI Services

Dayco are experts in servicing and maintaining the DCB range of AOI products as the two main engineers are the original design team that developed these systems.


£65 per hour + travel (min. 6 hours) on-site

£55 per hour + travel (min. 2 hours) off-site

Dayco offer both on-site and off-site programming services to suit your requirements. For on-site services a Dayco engineer will visit your site to create, debug and integrate new programs onto your system. For off-site services you upload the master reference images to our ftp site for programming remotely, note you can also optionally upload additional test images for complete debugging.

This service offers help to those users who have a short term manpower issues due to increased workload or staff illness/leaving.

Training Service

£65 per hour + travel (min. 6 hours) on-site

£500 per day + Dayco's training centre

Dayco have two set training days that we have targeted towards our existing customers. The first is for a basic operator where they will gain knowledge of using and maintaining the hardware, running product through inspection and limited program debug. The second is tailored towards an experienced operator moving on to full programming capabilities. That said Dayco will run custom training days to suit any needs.

Program Checking and Optimisation

£65 per hour + travel (min. 6 hours) on-site

£55 per hour + travel (min. 2 hours) off-site

This service entails an experienced Dayco engineer analysing your programs and model libraries (where appropriate) and reporting on the quality, speed and robustness of said programs. Advice and any further actions required will be included in the report.

Machine Hire

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Dayco have machines available for hire (subject to availability). If you have a sudden increase in your workload this is the ideal temporary solution.

Alternatively this service can be used by those manufacturers who do not currently possess full-time AOI capabilities but could benefit from casual use (possibly in order to gain those contracts where AOI inspection is either stipulated or beneficial to tender). Dayco will deliver the machine on-site and spend the day providing both operator training and the programming of up to 3 different products. The aim of this day is to enable the customer to have the knowledge to successfully and reliably run a production batch of boards. Dayco can also offer a cost-effective service where your test engineer can bring a batch of boards to our premises where we will program, optimise and run the batch on our AOI machine giving a detailed inspection analysis and rework required report.